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House Concerts

"Hosting a house concert was new to me, but it ended up being so simple to plan and such a memorable night. Not only was it exciting to hear live music in our home, but it was such a great way to bring people together to share in our love of music. Adam's voice is very soulful and his lyrics were so meaningful and intimate. The acoustics were warm and inviting; we felt like he was playing music with our guests, not for them, so the gathering was lively and fun. For the show, Adam brought everything he needed, so all I had to do was invite friends and offer light refreshments and cocktails. I’m looking forward to hosting Adam Web once again!"


- Sigrid Frandsen (House Concert Host)

Private Concert in your Living Room


Adam has been performing in Coffee Houses, Cafes, Bars, and Theaters across the U.S. for 8 years.  Some of his favorite performances during this time have been at the homes of friends and fans while traveling as he states..."I love to be in a quiet room, where there is no stage as a barrier and all preconceived notions of what a Concert is are broken down.  To simply share a space where we can all enjoy the connection that music offers." The performance is filled with stories about the origins of Adam's songs, plenty of audience interaction and participation, inspiration, and improvisation.  Adam also includes a small Q and A section during the show.  With songs laced in positivity, love, and spirit your private concert is sure to leave your friends and family uplifted.

How It Works


1. Contact Adam via email at to schedule date and time.


2. Agree to flat fee payment for the performance (varies based on travel distance).


3. Invite your friends and family to the event and charge whatever you'd like for tickets (all money collected from ticket sales goes to the house owner.)


4.  Adam comes to your house and performs two 45 minute sets with a brief intermission.


5. Everybody smiles.

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