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Adam & Amanda

"As The Seasons Go"

a Family Lullaby Album


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       The creation of this album was one of the most fulfilling works that I've done to date.  I have, for the most part, written songs alone and only through the narrow field of my personal thoughts and perspective.  It was a joy to sit down with my wife from the late evening hours to the early morning writing and crafting these songs together while our son Jude was fast asleep. We happily took on the task of putting the immeasurable love and hope we have for our little ones into 3-4 minute songs.  Our vision was to record an album for children filled with songs that would inspire and encourage them as they drifted to sleep and at the same time be pleasantly entertaining for the parents holding them.  I can certainly attest to it's drowsy potency as I fell asleep many nights while editting.  For Amanda and I, it is also a gift for our children Jude and Hazel.  They will always have this album. It is a musical time capsule where they can hear their young(ish) mom and dad singing songs of love and hope once upon a time.   We hope that you enjoy singing along with your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews and that you feel the warmth and love that went into the making of this album. From our family to yours we wish you peace always.

~  Adam & Amanda

A little back story...


  It all began when Amanda and I were about to become first time parents along with many of our friends.  We gratefully received a large amount of recommendations for all things infant.  Pacifiers, diapers, diaper bins, teething toys, humidifiers, bottles, books, car seats, strollers...and on until infinity.   Music for children was also presented to us and eventually we used some when rocking Jude to sleep (shout out to Baby Einstein:). But, we thought to ourselves "wouldn't it be great if we wrote a song for Jude?"


   You should know, I have written many songs about Amanda.  Any love song you've ever heard from me is about her.  This includes all of the love songs I wrote well before we were even dating.  I would sit down with her in college as friends and say "what do you think about this song?" which was so blatantly and obviously written to and about her.  She would then share a song that she wrote and ask a similar question as we lyrically danced around the love we knew was right in front of us.  Fast forward 10 years later and we were about to experience and entirely new kind of love.  We were about to meet our son.


    We decided, for really the first time, to write a song together while we were waiting for Jude to arrive.  The song born of this anticipation was "Even When" (yep, that was a pun).  We wanted to have a song just for him that we could sing while putting him to sleep or to simply calm him down. After a few months we thought "wouldn't it be great if we wrote a whole album that our friends would enjoy listening to and enjoy singing to their kids?"  So, over the course of 3 years, we wrote 10 songs in the late evening hours while he slept.  We took all of the love we have for him and crafted songs of positivity, reassurance, and hope. We even took one of Amanda's old love songs that I mentioned and reworked it in to a lullaby.  It's actually the title track "As The Seasons Go".  With the baby monitor on, we snuck downstairs to record them in our home studio and looked forward to the day that we would be able to share them with you.  That time has arrived and we couldn't be more excited.  Please enjoy and share it with as many loved ones as possible!


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