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"Between the writing and recording of several different projects and fathering two children with his wife, Amanda, the acoustic pop-folk artist, Adam Web, stays about as busy as they come, but for this unwavering optimist, the real satisfaction comes from the journey of his life’s path, as well as his ability to connect with his family, friends, and fans, not only with his music, but with his philosophies on life, love and inspiration."


- Nick Chidiac, The Valley Groove (Oct. 18th, 2016)

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"Adam's sweet soul and positive intentions shine through his stunning vocals and gorgeous music / lyrics. His music is a fresh take on positive pop... with all the rhythm and groove you want out of a pop song. Fun, young, beautiful, and with that voice, absolutely magical."


- Dena Marchiony Philadelphia Songwriters Project





“It’s virtually out of the question while listening to Adam Web’s newest album Pendulum to not compare his style to Jason Mraz. But what makes Web’s performance gravitate toward a different direction is his ability to allow his songs to exude the friendliness that seems to come naturally to him. This album is buoyant, encouraging, urbane, light reggae-pop. Combine the vocals, songwriting style and acoustic guitar technique of Jason Mraz, add in the vibes of Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter and then sprinkle it all with positive thinking and you’ve got yourself the perfect conditions for a “Pendulum”. Web’s optimistic, introspective view is present in all eleven tracks but my favorites by far: upbeat, catchy and most like Jason Mraz -“I’m on Top of It”; groovy, romantic and guitar riff driven – “Every Time You”; and laid-back and most like Jack Johnson -“Safe Here Now”...In an often disheartening, negative culture, Adam Web’s Pendulum alternates in an opposite direction, shining a little daylight and adding some helpful color in the occasional black, white and gray world of songwriting.

                                                                                         - Julie Schreiber, Pa Music Scene (Oct 19, 2012)




““Pendulum” by Adam Web is an entertaining journey of the soul through challenges and celebration with engaging lyrics, contagious choruses and excellent production. The vocals are crisp and clear, sung with smooth pop appeal. The album includes a variety of upbeat and introspective songs about perspective, personal growth and interpersonal relationships. Lyrics speak universal wisdom through individual challenge, awakening and awareness with a consistent message of gratitude and love...“You Are Everything” is and upbeat track about humanity being under an illusion of limitation, resolving to recognize the beauty in every moment. On the other hand, “Roots” challenges the audience to consciously select which habitual patterns to retain and release. “My Divinity” reclaims balance by declaring an individual connection to Source energy, even in the midst of daily life. This album is appealing... with profound messages delivered through light music and grounded lyrics. ”


                                                                  - Rosemarie Ashley, Positive Music Association (May 02, 2012)




"Adam's songs will most certainly touch people and will easily find there way into film and television shows."


                                                                   - Les Scott - Director of Catalog Licensing, Source Q Boutique




"Adam is one of the rising stars in the Philadelphia music scene! Don't miss his live performance!"


                                                                                                                          - Cindy Wuollet, Volta Radio


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